Know About Lord Kalki, The Upcoming Avatar Of Lord Vishnu

Know About Lord Kalki : Vishnu, the one who preserves, is said to descend as an avatar to restore order to the cosmos whenever chaos threatens it. His form is different each time. We all are aware of the fact that the Lord Vishnu is the messiah of all the mortality. Whenever this world is close to its end, Lord Vishnu has come in different faces to save us, the existence of life on this earth.


Before we discuss Kalki make sure you are aware of the other faces of Lord Vishnu. Here it is:

  • Matasya: In the first age, the world was flooded and Manu, the first man cried out for help. Vishnu descended as a fish and saved the knowledge of the world.
  • Kurma: As the world’s wealth was dissolved in the ocean and needed to be churned out. Vishnu took the form of as amphibian- a tortoise and bore the weight of the churning staff- a mountain.
  • Varaha: Man exploited the earth and drowned her in the cosmic ocean. Varaha, Vishnu’s boar form, carried the earth on its tusks and restored it to order.
  • Narsimha: A fearsome being which was half-lion and half-man, destroyed a demon who could not be killed by a man or an animal.
  • Vamana: Ridiculed for hos dwarf from by a king, Vamana transformed into a giant who covers two worlds in two places, forcing King Bali to retreat to the nether world.
  • Parshurama: Vishnu’s warrior-saint avatar slays every Kshatriya who upholds adharma. An immortal who will reappear as a mentor and martial arts instructor to Vishnu’s final avatar- Kalki
  • Rama: Vishnu’s poorna avatar. A human and an ideal king. Accepted exile without question to honor his father’s word. Slew the Rakshasa, King Ravana.
  • Krishna: A kingmaker and charioteer. Krishna is the avatar who reveals Vishnu’s grand scheme for the cosmos in the middle of the Kurukshetra war.
  • Buddha: The compassionate and enlightened avatar of Vishnu. Buddha preaches a path that is free of all desire.

Now as we have already seen the 9 avatars of Lord Vishnu it’s time to his 10th form which probably has to come in the Kalayug is Lord Kalki and the reason for this avatar will again save the world and reform to the well beings.

Kalki appears in Purana

Sukadeva Goswami, the narrator of Bhagavat Purana said to Pariksit Maharaja, in Kalayug, the age of Kali – religion, cleanliness, truthfulness, lifespan, tolerance and mercy will gradually all move to towards declination.

In Kalayug (Kali Yuga) wealth alone will be considered the sign of man’s good birth, proper behavior, and fine qualities. This earth will be crowded with corrupt people, the man who shows off his wealth will gain most of the popularity, political strength and thus become the strongest man. The truth will nowhere get a room, hypocrisy will be accepted as virtue. People will be duplicitous, hypocrite and violent.

A person who just wears a thread or Jenau will be considered the most clever person with a scholar. Men and women will live together merely, because of superficial attraction. Marriage will be arranged simply by verbal agreement and beauty will be graded on the skin color. Religion will no longer be a home to faith instead will be for the sake of reputation. Extra taxes will be a charge to the people for eating plants, roots, meat, honey, and fruit. The world will suffer from severe cold, wind, snow, heat, and rain. Hunger, thirst, disease and severe anxiety will be the reason for their death. Humans will only live for max 50 years in Kalyuga. In the Late Kalyuga, the body size of all the creatures will be gradually reduced.

And this time the world will diminish itself unless a savior arrives. As always Lord Vishu the supreme soul of all will be appear. To relieve his saintly devotees Lord Vishnu will come in the Kalki avatar.

More about Lord Kalki

Lord Kalki will be born at the most eminent Brahmanas house. His birthplace will be Samba village. Lord Kalki will ride a white swift horse with a sword in hand and will travel over the earth exhibiting His mystic opulence. He is riding with great speed and kill millions of monsters. Where forth, Satya Yuga will begin, and the world will once again free the breeze of freedom.

The world is once again living the purest life ever. And this totally depends upon the Karmic chakra of humans. Therefore, one should always walk on the path of honesty and kindness.

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