10 Rare Facts About Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman Facts : He will help you get over all the fear, Lord Hanuman. Be it a ghost, or problem as big as Mount Everest, Lord Hanuman is the only one who can help you win your fear. In Hindu religion name of Lord Hanuman always come for strength, faith, truth, discipline, and devotion. We all have learned about Lord Hanuman in the Ramayana but there are some unseen facts you would find interesting about hanuman. Here it is:

10 Rare Facts About Lord Hanuman

#1. Why was he born monkey?

Hanuman was born as a monkey because his mother Anjana was cursed while she offered sage that she will be born as a monkey. Anjana was a celestial nymph in her previous life namely Punjikashtala. She was cursed to reborn as a monkey in her next life and remain the same until she gives birth to a baby who will also be a monkey and then she would get back her human body.

#2. How did he gain all the divine knowledge?

Hanuman was a great devotee of Lord Surya and worshiped his as his Guru. Lord Surya challenged Hanuman, he would only teach him if, Hanuman is able to learn the movement of Sun. Hanuman successfully completed his challenge and impressed with his wisdom Lord Surya taught him all the divine knowledge he had.

#3. How did he gain Sugriva’s leadership?

Surya dev taught hanuman all the divine knowledge, it was hanuman’s duty to pay him the Gurudakshina for whatever Lord Surya asks for. Sugriva was the son of Lord Surya, and Suryadev wanted a close confidant for his son. Hence hanuman agreed for the same and became the minister and commander of Sugriva.

#4. Why do we worship Hanumana with sindoor?

Hanuman saw Sita, wife of Lord Rama putting sindoor on her forehead, just the way every married woman did. He eagerly asked her, why did she do so? Sita smiled and explain sindoor is the symbol of unconditional love and respect for her husband. Hanuman being a pure soul, covered his whole body with sindoor to show is unconditional love for Lord Ram. Impressed with his innocent act Lord Rama blessed him with a boon that he will be worshiped with sindoor thereafter and whoever does that will get over all the fear and pain.

#5. How Makardwaja was the son of Hanuman?

Hanuman being a symbol of a bachelorhood did not ever marry. Then how did he become the father of Makardwaja? Well, there is an interesting story behind. When Hanuman was returning to Lord Rama after he met Sita, a drop of his sweat fell in the ocean and a fish swallowed it. Later, Makardhwaja appeared and was known as the sun of Hanuman.

#6. Why was his name hanuman?

Hanuman was named so because when he was a child, he misunderstood Sun as a ripe fruit and tried to swallow it. He manages to put it all into his mouth when Lord Indra attacked him, and he directly fell on the earth and broke his jaw. Since then, he has a disfigured jaw and was named Hanuman.

#7. When did he meet Makardhwaja?

We all know why Hanuman has a Pamchmukhi Hanuman form, and the story of that is quite relatable to this answer. When Hanuman reached Patal Lok to rescue Ram and Laxman he found Makardhwaja with Ahiravana who has brought him up as a warrior. To Rescue his master, he had to face Ahiravan and Makardhwaja his son as well. Later when he won, he then knew it was his son Makardhwaja. SinceMakardhawaja then was made the king of PatalLoka.

#8. Why did Hanuman tear his chest?

Mata Sita offered Hanuman a pearl necklace which he refused to accept. Sita anxiously asked the reason for that, Hanuman answered, he cannot accept anything that does not has the name of his Lord Ram. And to prove his words, he tore his chest to show his unconditional love and devotion for Lord Rama. Even his heart was a place where Sri Ram appeared.

#9. How did Lord Rama depart from Hanuman?

Lord Ram was an avatar of Lord Vishnu and he appears only when the earth needs his help. Similarly, when his role of Lord Rama was completed, he had to leave the earth, but it was impossible for Hanuman to let Lord Ram go. So, Rama asked Hanuman to find his ring meanwhile he left. Later when he came to learn that his God left, he was very sad and depressed.

#10. Why is Hanuman also called Rudra Avatar?

Hanuman is the 11th Rudra Avtar, an avatar of Lord Shiva. To complete the Rama avatar of Lord Vishnu on earth Lord Shiva created Hanuman to help Lord Rama. Since he was Lord Shiva’s creation he is also known as Rudra Avatar.

There are many more amazing facts about Lord Hanuman, that we will keep you posted with.

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