Om Namah Shivaya – Meaning and its Significance

This mantra that is recited to worship lord Shiva is a very powerful mantra. According to Hindu mythology, lord shiva is the destroyer of the world and universe. So, if he is being worshiped, we can pray him to be good to us and not destroy us. This mantra is recited in the tale of Lord Shiva. Initially this Mantra was found in Yajurveda. You can find this Mantra in the adhyay of Sri Rudram hymn.

One line of the same Mantra is written in the Krishna yajur Veda without the initial Om.

“NamahShivaya cha sivatararaya cha”

This means “hail to Lord Shivathe most propitious. There is none more auspicious than lord Shivatra.

Meaning of the “OmNamahShivaya”

Om Namah Shivaya means I admire Lord Shiva and I bow to him. Lord Shiva is respected as the supreme deity and in a self.

Word by word meaning of Om Namah Shivaya:

Om- before the universe existed there was a big bang theory which is believed to be e the reason for the creation of the universe. Om was a vibration that is believed to be the reason for this Big Bang Theory. This was how the creation of Universe started slowly and gradually.

Namah– this means to bow or admire your deity in this case the deity is our Supreme Lord Shiva. When we respect Lord Shiva we bow in his worship this is addressed as Namah.

Shivaya– Shiva is also called the inner self or Antiradar. As we all know God resides in each one of us. Same way Lord Shiva also resides in all of us.

All in all this Mantra means that “ creator of the earth I bow to you.”

Na- meaning Earth

Mah- meaning water

Shi- meaning fire

Va- meaning air

Ya- meaning sky or ether

The NA rises to the first chakra. It is the foundation place that entails solidarity and firmness. It is considered to have a lot of connection with survival phenomenon on the emotional front. The location of NA is situated at the base of the spine between the anus and genitals.

The MA is associated with the second chakra. It is represented by the element of water and various issues regarding sexuality on the emotional front, that is, the right to feel and to have desires. Its location is a few centimetres below the navel.

The SIrefers to the third chakra and it is said to be located in the solar plexus. It is represented by the element of fire and the issues generally revolve around the theme of personal power and greatness. The personal power is the right to take a stand and also the right to act.

The VA is associated with the fourth chakra and it is linked to the centre of the heart. The element represented here is air. This chakra is said to be the first among all to go beyond the lower three entities of the animal soul and it permits an opening of love. It allows one to love and to be loved.

The YA refers to the fifth chakra. It is located in the throat. It is represented by sky or space. It is often indulged in dealing with issues such as the issue of expression, speech, and the issue to be heard.

The five letters in the NAMAH SHIVAYA also mean the following:

Na- referring to lord’s concealing grace

Mah- is referred to as the world

Shi- is generally referred to as SHIVA

Va- referred to as the lord’s revealing grace

Ya- referring to soul or the asthma

How to practice the Om Namah Shivaya Mantra

Basically there is no ritual of ceremony data is being involved with this Mantra. You can chant this Mantra anywhere and anytime with full concentration. There is no specific time needed for chanting this Mantra. Various Saints and priests have told that this Mantra is of immense importance and it can be chanted at any point of time throughout the day. They also said that a repeating this Mantra time to time leads to a more deep concentration and peace. You just require to be focused and attentive while chanting the mantra. If you want to gain the true benefits from this Mantra, then you will have to make a visual image in your brain that you are being surrendered to your inner self while chanting this Mantra. Traditionally, the mantra is repeated around 108 times a day while counting the number on a strand of Rudraksha beads.

Significance and importance of chanting Om Namah Shivaya mantra:

There are many significance and importance of chanting this Mantra. Some of them are listed below:

  • This Mantra is set to show you the path through which you can attain peace and you can also obtain clarity on how you are viewing the things.
  • The mantra also develop your inner intellect powers and help you to prosper in your life.
  • The mantra is also considered to control your ego, aggression and it is also known to relieve your stress by clearing the burden from your mind.
  • The mantra is also known to keep you away from the negative energy and around you with the positive energies of the universe.
  • Various astrological facts have revealed that this Mantra is also effective in keeping away the negative planets and minimising their bad influences on your life.
  • This mantra also helps you to understand your inner self.

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