Panchmukhi Hanuman: Why Should Worship, Origin, Facts, and Significance

Panchmukhi Hanuman : We come to know about the Panchmukhi hanuman in the Hindu mythology. The word Panchmukhi is a Hindi word, that is composed of Panch and Mukhi. Where Panch means five and Mukhi means faces. As we are already aware that the Hindu religion is full of mythological facts and stories of the ancient era where we believe that God ever existed. Panchmukhi Hanuman is no other god but an incarnation of Hanuman who is considered the best disciple of Lord Rama. Hanuman was always present like a shield there with Lord Rama while he was fighting with the great Ravan. We have all learned the stories of Hanumana’s role in Ramayana, how he managed to travel across the ocean to find Sita and deliver the message of Lord Rama. It was Hanumana who called the whole VanarSenato come along to build a bridge over the ocean. There are more such stories and the Panchmukhi Hanumana will be better described by the story rather than by just the name. Here it is:

Panchmukhi Hanuman: Why Should Worship, Origin, Facts, and Significance

The Story behind Panchmukhi Hanuman

When Rama and Laxman were moving toward Raven to fight the battle, Ravan cunningly with the help of Ahiravana the king of Patala, detained them in the Patal Lok. Ahiravana came up with the face of Vibhishan whom Ram and Laxman believed and took them to Patal Lok.

As Hanumana followed to rescue them he realized that the life of Ahiravana is hidden in the five lamps and this is how he can unlock the Patal Lok to set Ram and Laxman free. There were 5 Lamps placed in five different directions. And the task Hanuman had to perform was to douse all the 5 lamps together, at the same fraction of time to kill Ahiravana. As one could not blow off the flame of all the lamps at a time, it was difficult to complete the task. So, Hanuman had to change his avatar to Hanuman with five faces and managed to accomplish the task. Since then the five faces Hanuman is Known and worshiped as Panchmukhi Hanuman.

Further, it is believed that the five faces of Hanuman depict his five features or the symbols. Energy, Knowledge, Power, Strength, and Bachelorhood. However, this is just a general assumption people have made, for easy understanding of the five faces, he resembles these features though.

Significance of Panchmukhi

The Panchmukhi Hanuman not only has five faces but also has five names they are

  • Hanuman
  • Narasimha
  • Hayagriva
  • Garuda
  • Varaha

And all the faces have their influences on mankind like

  • Face towards East – This face is called Anjaneya which grants Ishta Siddhi
  • Garuda – Face towards West – This face grants good luck
  • Narasimha – Face towards South – This face grants abhistasidhi
  • Varaha – Face towards North – This face helps humans achieve knowledge, wealth, enlightenment.
  • Hayagriva – The UrdhvaMuk grants victory (Jaya Prapthi).

Facts of Panchmukhi Hanuman

As mentioned in the Bhagavat Gita Krishna said, “He who acts for me, who is engrossed in me, who is my devotee, who is free from attachment, he reaches me.” Similarly, all these five qualities can be easily identified in Lord Hanuman. The Panchmukh can also be interpreted as the five praying to God Hindu’s perform. Naman, Smaran, Keertan, Arpanam, and Yachanam. Hanuman also had five faces which showed his five qualities, he always performed them to Lord Rama and hence proved the true meaning of the relation between God and his devotees.

Why should people worship this Panchmukhi Hanuman?

In the Hindu religion, Hanuman has a special place in all the hearts of his devotees. He is a symbol of strength and one who worships Hanuman is blessed with the power to overcome his fear. If you ever get a chance to visit the famous Panchmukhi temple of Hanuman namely AdyantaMaha Prabhu Temple. The temple holds an idol of God which is half Hanuman and half Vinayaka, i.e. Ganesha. This temple’s name itself depicts the beginning and the end together.

Also, in any of the temples, you will always get to see a similar practice that the idol of Lord Hanuman is covered with vermillion. It is believed that if you stare at the red color of the vermillion, you will gain strength and overcome your fear. It is a remarkable reason to worship Lord Hanuman, as fear is the only cause that weakens us and if you overcome it nobody can stop you from being successful.

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