What Are The 14 Lokas Or Worlds According To Hindu Mythology

14 Lokas According To Hindu Mythology : We humans often have a misconception about the Lokas, as we do believe only what we see across the media. People are often mistaken with the three Lokas: the Swarg Lok (heaven in the sky), the Bhu Lok (world above the earth surface), and the Pataal Lok (world underneath the earth surface).

However, Hindu cosmology and modern science as well have acknowledged the universe’s existence is for billions of years. Though modern science contemplates it now, the possibility of the existence of parallel universes and multiple realities have been abided by the Hindus.

And here the misconception of Lokas gets a light, as some schools of thought record the number of Lokas is 14 that exists. These 14 Lokas are often called the realms. The earth’s surface is considered the plane dividing them into half.

The 7 realms known as Vyarthis exist above the plane and 7 realms known as Patalas exist below the plane.

  1. Satya Loka – Abode of Truth. This is the highest loka know as Brahma’s Lok as well, where the supreme consciousness exists. They are free from birth and death.
  2. Tap Loka– Abode of Tap. Here exist the immortal beings of great purity and are the personification of knowledge. The can access Brahm Lok with great ease.
  3. Jan Loka– Abode of sons of God Brahma. These beings can access the material world completely at ease. There does not need any medium to travel, the speed of their thought is enough to take them to any place.
  1. Mahar Loka – Abode of rishis. Beings who have been into meditation or Tapasya for a long period belong to Mahar Lok. They have achieved the power to make themselves greater than devas.
  1. SwargLoka – Though the name itself mistakenly is taken as the heaven, it the realm where Deva resides. Indra, Apsaras, Gandharvas, and Rishies reside. It is believed that all the Hindu gods which count to 330 million exist on top of mount Meru.
  1. BhuvarLoka – The realm which we often call the atmosphere or space, responsible for the existence of life. All the planets, stars and Sun exist in the BhuvarLoka or aka PitriLoka. There also exist semi divine beings who occasionally become part of the human world as well.
  1. BhurLoka – Abode of Human Being. This realm is where we humans and other life forms exist. Apart from this, it is recorded that the earth Bhu Lok contains millions of other worlds as well.

Just the way there exit 7 realms above the Plane here are the 7 realms the exist below the plane.

  1. AtalaLoka – The kingdom Bala. Bala is the son of Maya. Bala at Atala lives with beautiful seductresses in his luxurious palace. He is blessed with powers that facilitated him to create three types of women. Svairinis, Kaminis, and Pumscalis.
  2. VitalaLoka – Hara Bhava the ruler at Vitala. Vitala is also considered as a form of lord shiva. And the subterranean beings live there mining and collecting gold. Just the way Atala, here too a lot of attention is paid to material possessions.
  3. SutalaLoka – Bali is the ruler of SutalaLoka. Once Bali was an Earthly emperor who won over Vishnus’ Vaaman Avatar and since then is ruling this realm.
  1. TalatalaLoka– This realm is ruled by Maya, the demon architect. Maya was the father of Mandodari, Ravana’s queen. As Shiva destroyed the three cities of Tripura, he allowed Maya to rule this realm.
  1. MahatalaLoka – Here reside the Hooded Nagas who live peacefully and happily with a thought that they need not fear the eagle-man Garuda, their enemy. These Nagas are the sons of Kadris.
  1. RasatalLoka – Abode of Demons. All the Danavs and Daityas the forever enemies of the devas as we already know reside in the RasatalLoka.
  1. PatalaLoka – Also known as the Nagaloka, all the nagas live in the PatalaLoka with their ruler Vasuki. These nagas too have many hoods that are well decorated with jewels and gems (the naagmani). These gems glow and lighten the realm.

Though all the above lokas seem distinct there exist scope for sideways movement. Also, there exist a world in the world in these lokas. So, you see, the idea of heave above the bhuloka may seem simpler to you which eventually is not. And nor is the world below Bhuloka is just patalaloka but it also has other 7 realms.

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