Why did Lord Hanuman Burn the Great Empire of Lanka

Burning Of Lanka By Lord Hanuman : Burning of Lanka may not be as interesting in the text form as it is in the visual form of series. Yet we have tried out best to get the real illustration of what and how exactly happen when Hanuman reached Lanka.

No one could cross the ocean, only one who could fly can do so, and it was Hanuman who did. As Pawan Putra, Hanuman was the son of God of wind, he could easily move anywhere. No sooner did Hanuman knew this, he grew as big he can, and asked Lord Rama for his permission to leave.

As Sita had never seen Hanuman before, it would be difficult for Hanuman to deliver Lord Rama’s message. To solve this problem, Lord Rama pulled of a ring from his finger and asked Hanuman to give that to Sita when he meets her. Thereafter Hanuman started his journey toward Lanka.

Hanuman flew with the best speed he could and reached Lanka. But on the way he had to face a giant crocodile, fascinated with his body size the lady crocodile opened her mouth wider and Hanuman unknowingly flw inside it. But sooner hanuman killed her and managed to come out and he flew again.

After a long journey, he finally found Mata Sita in Ashok Vatika. She was surrounded by few maidens. He anyhow impressed the maidens and reached Mata Sita and offered her the ring Lord Ram had send, she was happy and blessed Hanuman to be Chiranjeevi. Since then he is immortal.

How and Why Did Hanuman Burn Lanka?

Next he entered Lanka to meet Ravan and aske him to set Mata Sita free. But he was disrespected, as Ravana did not offer him any seat. Hanuman used his wisdom and grew his tail to make a seat for himself. Ravan got very angry of this act and ordered to set his tail on fire.

His people started wrapping his tail with cloth, it grew endlessly. And when it was lite with fire, he moved here and there and burnt everything in the kingdom. He made sure the Lanka is brutally destroyed.

Mata Sita scared and worried about Hanuman’s tail prayed to god so that he is not hurt. As Hanuman was 11th Rudra avatar, he could not feel the heat on his tail, yet to put it off he dipped the tail in the water of Ashok Vatika and bade Mata Sita a goodbye and took off for his journey to Lord Ram.

We hope you could feel what exactly had happened in Lanka.

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